World Ozone Day is observed on 16th of September every year as the international day for the preservation of ozone layer since 1995. The theme of this year, ‘’32 years and healing’’ celebrates over three decades of international cooperation to protect ozone layer under Montreal Protocol which was signed in 1987.

Darul Huda Islamic School observed the World Ozone Day with variety of activities on 16th September 2019.The thought provoking speech by Shabooba Shifina of 9th A highlighted the importance of protecting the ozone layer and the significance of the theme. A skit was presented by the students of primary section and the secondary section enlightened the students about the various harmful gases which deplete the ozone layer. A quiz competition was also conducted in this regard. School Principal Mr.Muneer Chalil addressed the assembly and interacted with students after the program and he stated the importance of the day.