Admission Information

  1. Parents who want to enroll their wards in school should register the names of their ward(s) with the admission link provided in the school website.
  2. The parents have to confirm the registration by contacting the school office in person within two days of registration. Otherwise the registration will automatically be cancelled. The school will issue a registration confirmation slip stamped and signed to the parents after scrutinizing the necessary documents.
  1. Parents will be intimated about the time and date of admission over telephone and SMS. The parents along with their child have to report to school with necessary documents (ID card, Vaccination card, photograph, TC and achievement report (if applicable), attested birth certificate, Passport copy etc.) and required fee. An admission confirmation slip will be issued to the parents. The pupil must carry the admission confirmation slip on his/her first school academic day.
  2. Documents pertaining to students with special educational needs such as previous individual education plans and relevant assessments, as well as evidence pertaining to gifted and talented students such as advanced learning plans and provisions (if needed).
  3. School records for the previous year, if the student has previously attended a school in another Emirate or outside of the UAE.
  4. If a student is transferring from one School to another in a different Emirate, a transfer certificate to the other Emirate is needed. If no transfer certificate exists, a report card or equivalent document from the previous School shall be sufficient.
  5. Schools will ensure that all newly admitted students (including the students transferred from other schools in the Emirate, from other Emirates, or from schools aboard) submit their vaccination cards and medical records as an integral part of the admission and registration procedure for such students:

-Students that have been admitted to kindergarten (KG1 or KG2) or Grade one must submit a vaccination card that fulfils the “Childhood Immunisation Schedule” of the current HAAD Immunisation Schedule.

-Students that have been admitted to Grades 2 to 12  must submit a vaccination card that fulfils the “Childhood Immunisation Schedule” and the “School Immunisation Schedule According to Grade” of the current HAAD Immunisation Schedule.

-Schools shall not refuse or withhold admission of students who do not have vaccination cards or do not meet all the requirements on their vaccination cards but should accept them on the condition they complete the necessary vaccinations and provide a vaccination card that meets all requirements within the school year. This shall be considered a condition for re-registration for the next school year.

  1. The School nurse will create new medical records for students registered in kindergarten or Grade 1.
  2. The School nurse needs obtain the medical records of transferred students from other schools within the UAE.
  3. The School nurse will create new medical records of transferred students from schools outside the UAE.
  4. Schools will keep records of all student admission files including required information and documents, school record from previous year, and individual education plan with relative assessment for all students to include students with special education needs and gifted and talented students.
  5. It is permissible for students to transfer to other schools between the Emirates after receiving ADEC’s approval in case the time permitted for transfers ended.
  6. A student seeking admission to any class (eg: KG-1-Grade XII) in our school will be eligible for admission to that class (KG-Grade XII, if he/she:
  7. has been studying in a school recognized or affiliated to the Board or any other recognized Board of Secondary Education in India.
  8. has passed qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination making him/ her eligible for admission to that class.