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carri Standardized Curriculum
Quality of education is provided by a standardized curriculum     
experiment Experimental learning
Helped the students in developing their independent learning
safty Children Safety
Responsibility of maintaining the Health and safety standards for all students
carri Resources
Helping give all students equal access to excellent learning materials    
Our Approved School Fee Chart 2018-2019
Grades Tuition Books Buses Uniform
KG1 4900 250 2100 158
KG 2 4900 250 2100 158
G 1 5200 590 2100 179
G 2 5200 710 2100 179
G 3 5500 680 2100 179
G 4 5500 810 2100 221
G 5 5800 840 2100 221
G 6 5800 700 2100 221
G 7 7100 780 2100 221
G 8 7100 780 2100 284
G 9 7500 610 2100 284
G 10 7500 550 2100 284
G 11 10100 770 2100 284
G 12 10100 800 2100 284

Darul Huda Islamic School (DHIS) is a  private school catering to the educational needs of the children of Asian expatriates living in Al-Ain.   We hope that, we give value for money.   The school fee  levy  from  our parents  in the  form  of  tuition fees, book  fees, Uniform  fee  and transport fees are our sources of income that generates school revenue. We take into account the concerns and input received from parents regarding the school fees.  Our school fee policy is in line with the school framework of Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC).


  • The total amount of tuition fee and the transport fee, where applicable, may be paid in term wise or in ten instalments. It can be paid half yearly or in three equal instalments or one time in the month of April.
  • Those who pay fees in ten monthly instalments may pay on or before 10th of each month in advance.
  • Payment of fees by cheque should be drawn in favour of “Darul Huda Islamic School, Al-Ain and crossed as A/C pay only.
  • Fee concession can not be granted for a period of absence.
  • At the above due dates account reminders are sent to parents about the arrears.
  • A letter from the Principal follows if the arrears are not paid.
  • Parents who do not respond to arrears, are referred to the debt collector of recovery of fees.

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“Each child is bred with an unique set of potentials that yearn to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become oak within it”

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