Department of Social Science

Social studies is an important academic discipline for students from primary to senior secondary. It is a multidisciplinary and inter disciplinary subject. It is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence.

Social studies provides coordinated, systematic study drawing upon such disciplines as economics, geography, history, political science, law, philosophy , sociology, anthropology and archaeology  .

Social science teaches children their roles and responsibilities’ in relation to social and civic affairs. It provides them with the knowledge, skill and attitudes that help them to become competent and responsible citizen who can build a nation.  It develops skill, habit and positive attitude towards one another and towards the nation. It makes student understand their culture and culture of other nations.

Social science helps to develop a good sense of judgement and sense of moral and social responsibility. It promotes the acceptance of cultural diversity. It focuses on the major events and important individual in world history. It is issue centred as students search for answers to problems and dilemmas confronted by people today and in the past.

Teaching social science is a passion of the members of Social science faculty of Darul Huda Islamic School. Our teachers strive a lot to fulfil aims and objectives of social science. They inspire students to think critically about our world. They are delivering lesson through variety of teaching methods. It includes lectures, multimedia projects, group projects, play writing etc.

Social Science is a subject which offers a systematic study of man in relation to his society. This discipline gives functional knowledge of history, geography, economics, civics etc. in an integrated manner and inculcates such abilities, skills, attitudes and values that would help children to become valuable citizens of society.

Social Science Club is an integral part of the co- curricular activities of social science. This club has a great role in bringing social awareness to the students. It can guide the learning activities extended beyond classrooms. Club members along with their teachers must participate in field trips, exhibitions, quiz competitions, surveys etc. The co- operation of all social science teachers and students are needed for a systematic and effective functioning of the club.

  • To encourage creative and innovative activities among the members and to encourage exchange of ideas and cooperation among them.
  • To trigger interest of the students in the subject and keep them engaged with it.
  • To encourage intellectual curiosity among the students and to promote consciousness about their environment.
  • To provide practical knowledge of the subject.
  •  To create power for thinking and foster imagination and creativity among the students.
  • Club activities inculcate various democratic values and qualities like tolerance, equality, freedom and leadership qualities among the children.

Club Coordinator


“Each child is bred with an unique set of potentials that yearn to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become oak within it”

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