Children love to dream. They can dream keeping their eyes wide open. Kindergartners are less attentive and dreamier. Here in Darul Huda Kindergarten we don’t d break their castles that they build in air. We inspire our children to nourish dreams-make them ambitious and imaginative .As the kindergartners are on the threshold of school life dreaming makes them focused and hardworking. The ambience over here is fun filled and activity oriented. They are being molded and nurtured to be good and grateful. In the process of introducing the children to alphabet and numbers, we organize a series of events for their over all development.

Darul Huda Kindergarten, as a part of pre schooling our emphasis is more on key aspects of child’s personality  – attitude formation, socialization and emotional intelligence. It is at this age, children develop the right attitude towards life.  Children must start preparing for life for which a positive attitude must be cultivated in them. He or she should be able to develop interest in group activities. To promote these aspects we contact a series of events like School Safari , Market day, Family day, Fruit salad Day, Innovation week, Colors  Day , Animal Day, Flowers Day, Community Helpers Day, etc..

Our tiny tots enjoy the glitzy play area at our front courtyard with swings, slides and seesaws and also the football ground with special turfing.
On certain occasions, we were able to take our tiny tots out to places like public garden and zoo.
Quality medical care is provided to our pupils under the supervision of our female staff nurse. We could verify and ensure that each and every child was vaccinated on time and well taken care of. As a part of co curricular  activities , Kindergarten section made their presence felt in sporting events  too. Kindergarteners also took part in national sports Day conducted on 16th Feb  2017 at our school premise under the slogan “UAE unites us”. We also gave awareness related to health and sports.


“Each child is bred with an unique set of potentials that yearn to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become oak within it”

Our Core Values