School Administration


Hearty welcome to Darul Huda Islamic School, an adobe of creativity and innovation in teaching and learning. For us, each child is  bred with unique set of potentials, that yearns to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become oak within it. We aim for the development of intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical potential of each child. Darul Huda is proud of its competent faculty members who are capable of blending the theories of education from behaviorism through cognitivism to social constructivism, so as to equip today’s learners to face current and future challenges.

All the educational activities in Darul Huda, whether it is curricular or co-curricular are centered around the ADEC envisaged core values viz Teamwork, Integrity, Transparency, Respect, Accountability Care and Compassion. We are also committed to the moral obligation which is defined as a set of ethical values and principles which are in accordance with the religion of Islam and the values,ethics,identity and culture prevalent in UAE society, and which respects other religions.

Vice Principal

Elatedly, I extend my greetings to one and all, along with an assuring hope that your experience at Darul Huda Islamic School will always be exhilarating and enriching.

We look forward to an outstanding academic year which has set in exquisitely, bringing with it immense joy, a new aura of sobriety, and a new scope for soaring and triumphing greater heights of success. We have seen massive growth and we proudly claim the excellence that we have pursued, leading to the benchmark that we have attained.