The school offers pastoral care and counselling service to student community through an effective policy implementation. It supports students in the development of their psycho-socio-emotional wellbeing along with their academic progress and attainment. It ensures that all students achieve academic success in safe and friendly environment and develop life skills through the acquisition of academic, career, personal, and social competences which will prepare them for meaningful participation in the work of world and in the diverse, changing world.

Foster Parenting
guidpng Academic Guidance

The school has employed a Counsellor and a Social Worker to coordinate and extend the services of Pastoral Care and Counselling Cell to the student community. The cell offers services in the following domains.

  • Child protection and care.
  • Counselling and academic guidance to individual students.
  • Meeting the needs of children with SEN including G&T.
  • Diagnosis and therapeutic intervention for students with psycho-socio-emotional problems.
  • Helping students participate in community services through collaboration with external agencies.
  • Foster parenting.

The effective mapping and implementation of School Child Protection Policy ensures that each and every child in our campus is safe and secure. School believes in the concept of inclusive education that all children can learn and that the responsibility for educating all students to their fullest potential rests with the school staff. Hence, the needs of SEN children including G&T are met through a staged approach from class room intervention to seek support of external agencies. Career fares and seminars are held every year which help them pursue higher studies and equip them well with the world of work. Children with psychological and behavioural issues are diagnosed and therapeutic remedies are done to improve their mental health and wellbeing. School has a large network of stakeholders including parents, community organizations and authorized external agencies. School collaborate with them and provide reciprocal services in the form of career fares, charity, competitive examinations and quizzes, national and international bench mark tests, book fares, cultural and art festivals, special education and humanitarian services, inter-school activities, media services, parental surveys and extra-curricular activities.


“Each child is bred with an unique set of potentials that yearn to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become oak within it”

Our Core Values