From the Principal’s desk

Education has undergone a sea change in the present fast changing world. Teaching and learning process have been completely transformed over the years. Virtual classrooms have become a reality and books are being replaced by I pads and teachers are no more gurus but facilitators. Darul Huda Islamic School has completed 30 years of its successful journey of catering to the educational needs of expatriate diaspora in Alain. An institution which has grown from humble beginning today can be proud of bringing out refined individuals and generations of young professionals who are competent enough to face the 21st century challenges coupled with strong moral and ethical values. The alumnae are scattered all over the world spreading the glory of the great citadel of knowledge.

We are equipped with a strong team of teaching and non-teaching staff with proven track record in their respective domains. All our activities both curricular and co-curricular are coherent with the directives of ADEK and their core values of teamwork, integrity, transparency, respect, accountability, care and compassion. We always keep the values and ethics of the United Arab Emirates and inculcate the identity and culture of the nation among our students. All thirteen competencies and seven values outlaid in the UAE’s economic vision 2030 are clearly embedded among Darul Huda graduates. The school launched the student competence framework in the year 2016-17 and it is being monitored to ensure that the qualities achieved are as per the prescribed age level.

We always look for innovation and research in the educational domain and implement the directives of ADEK and CBSE so as to achieve the set goals by these agencies. Problem solving skills are an integral part of our curriculum which trains our children to solve problems. The annals of the school clearly exemplify its success journey: be it in academic or non-academic areas. The school nurtures a generation of students with strong moral values upholding the ethos of Islam and the culture of the country. All that are essential for the 21st century students are provided in different areas of school life. Playgrounds, indoor play areas, SENCO to direct the individual needs and social worker to look into the emotional aspects of each and every child, all these are our strengths. We redefine education through innovation by providing a challenging and supportive environment.

“The most complete gift of God is a life based on knowledge”.

As we continue venturing into unchartered waters I congratulate the Board of Management for their achievement in three decades and wish you all a very exciting and enriching academic year.

Muneer Chalil